About the owner and creator of Sassy Cat Scrunchie Co

While on a journey of healing from the mental trauma of being a Covid ICU nurse, I found solace and reprieve in sewing. During that time the scrunchie trend from the 90s was coming back- with avengence! Quickly learning that scrunchies were not just a trend but were a permanent alternative to the damaging effects of hair elastics and hair ties. Not only were scrunchies functional but the style possiblilities were endless. I experimented and made a scrunchie out of every fabric imaginable. With a motivation to sew, an inspiration from a hair accessory and a need and want to give back to shelter and rescue pets, Sassy Cat Scrunchie Co was born. The mission of Sassy Cat Scrunchie Co is to create beautifully hand crafted scrunchies that are not only functional by protecting your hair from damage but that also are beneficial where a percentage of each purchase of a scrunchie goes to supporting shelter and rescue pets and the people that work so very hard to save them. I hope you love the Sassy Cat Scrunchies as much as I love making them. Thank you for helping me realize my dream of creating something beautiful while helping support animals in need!