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The Lula Sassy Cat Scrunchie

The Lula Sassy Cat Scrunchie

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Meet Lula. Lula is the OG kitty that sparked the love and support of rescue/shelter kitties. Brought in as a stray from the cold streets of Philadelphia, Lula was unknowingly pregnant. She became Kyleen's heart and soul kitty and soon the momma cat of Kyleen's current fur babies, Molly and Meeka. In advocating for spay/neuter, Lula was fixed once her momma duties were completed. Lula now at 16 years old, is living out her best life in the lap of luxury which embodies this soft, luxurious minky fabric that is no doubt a real treat for your tresses.

🖤The Lula is made from high-quality, lusciously soft minky

🖤The Sassy Cat Scrunchie is 5-6 inches in diameter and will wrap around your hair 2-3 times depending on the thickness of your hair

🖤handmade with care from 100% polyester

🖤Care instructions-hand wash gently with mild soap/warm water and air dry

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