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The Polly Mae Sassy Cat Scrunchie

The Polly Mae Sassy Cat Scrunchie

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Polly Mae is named after one of the sweetest dogs Kyleen's family has ever had the joy of rescuing. Polly Mae was a little spunky Yorkshire Terrier who was extremely smart and grew to be Kyleen's Grandmother's very best friend. Sadly, she unexpectedly passed away December 21st, 2022 peacefully napping at the feet of her very best friend, Kyleen's Grandmother. She was a ray of sunshine in this life and this beautiful floral pattern reflects just that.

🖤The Polly Mae is made from a high-quality light and airy polyester print

🖤The Sassy Cat Scrunchie is 5-6 inches in diameter and will wrap around your hair 2-3 times depending on the thickness of your hair

🖤handmade with care from 100% polyester

🖤Care instructions-hand wash gently with mild soap/warm water and air dry

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